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December 2010

Hello my friends, and welcome to December’s journey of Plein Air 365™,

I know it is almost February, but we have been busy with family matters. I will elaborate more in next month’s letter. I hope that you will still enjoy December’s journey in which I celebrated the end of my second year of daily painting, and what a wonderful way to spend a year, and what a way to end the year with a firework show at Evergreen Lake. It just so happened to be -3 degrees, yes I said -3, but what a way to end two years of alla prima plein air painting.

December was a vivid and varied month. It gave me a chance to paint a variety of scenes. From Christmas lights, snowy riversides, and landscapes from Northern Colorado to Kansas and Oklahoma. I even had a chance to visit a scene that started the whole 365 thing off. I went to do a painting of this old tree, and I was told that a level 4 tornado had hit that area over the past fall, and that the entire area had been decimated and not to expect much. I packed up my easel and headed out to the old tree. As I got closer to the area, it wasn’t hard to miss the destruction. Everything was either broken, blown-over, or completely gone. It was amazing to see the kind of damage that a tornado of that size could do. As I approached the spot of the old tree, I didn’t expect much since an entire marina had been completely blown away. But as I rounded the corner, I looked down the shore line, and what did I see, this old tree still standing out of the mud. I took this as a good sign for my Plein Air 365. The reason I painted this tree in the first place, is it reminds me of me. Me when I am out painting, taking on all of nature and still standing. Me, standing alone surrounded in the vastness of mother nature. And it is because of this that I paint Plein Air and began my 365 journey. This scene for me holds a special place in my heart, I hope you will enjoy it.

There is so much more that I could tell you about each painting but that is for the book. I hope you have a wonderful new year and I will chat with you very soon.

May love fill your heart and art fill your life


If you, an individual, company, or charity would like to be a sponsor of Plein Air 365™ by Ted Garcia please contact tg@tlcunlimited.com Thank you.

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December 1, 2010
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December 2, 2010
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December 24, 2010
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