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July 2009

Hello again,

I hope you are having a great summer. I can’t believe that summer is almost over and the kids are getting ready for school. There is a coolness to the air, and I think I saw some trees already turning colors.

It’s been another rough month of getting pictures of July’s Plein Air Journey. After taking a few hundred photos that were all pink, I was ready to toss the camera and go get a new one. That’s when I found a new button that I hadn’t tried, so I pressed it, and what do you know, there it was, the setting to eliminate the pink and set the camera back to normal color. Well, it was at about that time when I felt like a complete idiot. Two months of struggling with photos and there it was, two seconds to correct it. If it had been any easier…. well, I’ll just leave it at that. Now, I am struck with a new found energy and excitement that the camera is working again. So now I’m working on August’s photos already, ya!

July was another great month of painting. I had a chance to do my 4th of July painting that I call “I Found Peace In Evergreen”. I have been waiting to paint this since last year. The gentleman that owns a little cabin puts something out, just about every holiday. It makes me smile, to see this huge inflatable peace sign, on such a small patio and little cabin. If you have noticed, I have painted February’s Valentines day “Be Mine”, March’s “Happy St. Patrick’s day ” and now for July’s ” I Found Peace In Evergreen”.

I also had a chance to do a painting of an actual Andy Warhol Tomato Soup can, that was in Fort Collins. I dropped my son off for band camp at the University Center for the Arts, and I was looking around the campus ground for something to paint. I noticed a huge soup can and asked my wife, (since it was at her old high school), if that was a real Warhol. She said yes, and then told me how she remembered how excited she and the town was when he came to town in 1981 to deliver the Soup Can.

I thought wow, how many times will I get a chance to paint an actual Warhol soup can in person and up close. So, I began to paint, and what I ended up with is a painting I call “Warhol in the Park”, July 17th.

I could keep on talking about all the wonderful places I had a chance to visit in July, but I will leave that for the coffee table book. For now, please sit back and enjoy your journey of July’s Plein Air 365™.

Thank you for all of your kind words and support,


May Love Fill Your Heart And Art Fill Your Life. TG

P.S. How could I almost forget to mention this… September 19 & 20, PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR, I will be participating in Evergreen’s Open Door Studio Tour. For complete details, please see http://www.evergreenopendoorstudios.com/. This will be my fourth year doing this wonderful event. If you are looking for a good reason to get out for a little mountain drive, see some 30 different artists, and get a smoking deal on some original fine art, please visit the tour. And if thats not a good enough reason to get out and drop by, then I will entice you with our annual chocolate fountain, wine, and other snacks. The chocolate usually does it, at least for me.
Hope to see you here.

If you, a individual, company, or charity would like to be a sponsor of Plein Air 365™ by Ted Garcia please contact tg@tlcunlimited.com Thank you

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