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Well friends, welcome to the March viewing of Plein Air 365, and welcome to the end of winter and the beginning of spring! What a great month March was… a month that welcomed my son’s 17th birthday, along with the end of a season and the start of a new one.

March was a diverse month, with each new day so different from the last and the next. One day would be overcast, no sunlight, and just gray. These days were great due to pushing myself in limited colors, even a three color limited palette is wonderful for the hazy days of March. And just when the snow starts to melt, Mother Nature decides to lay down a few feet of fresh snow. The nice part of this, is that the snow will melt away within a day or two, and with that, brings a great new combination of spring greens along with the cool colors of winter. What a challenging month!

I’m also getting very anxious to begin painting the spring flowers that have begun to bloom. I find painting florals quite complex. Trying to create a leaf with a few brush strokes is so much harder than painting a landscape. I have found that you can get away with a lot more when painting a landscape, but if your brush strokes (especially when painting with with thick paint) are not correct, it just looks like a glob of paint or a very muddy painting. Once again, this is why I love the variety of challenges that painting en alla prima plein air gives me.

I hope you enjoy viewing March’s journey as much as I have had painting it. I wish you many happy and warm spring days ahead and I look forward to sharing next month with you.

Ted Garcia

May love fill your heart and art fill your life.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has reserved their days so far. It’s still not to late to reserve your special day. Also, we are still looking for a new location to hold 2010’s Plein Air 365 show. Last year was a great success and this year looks to be even bigger! So if you, or perhaps someone you may know, would like to host this wonderful show we would like to speak with you.

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