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January 2009

Hello and Happy New Year,

I hope that you are off to a great and fantastic start to this year. I myself am having a wonderful New Year and I would like to invite you to join me for a journey. To join me on my new painting project for 2009 that I call “PLEIN-AIR 365™” by Ted Garcia.

If you would allow me a moment of your time I would like to tell you what “Plein-Air 365™” is about.

While visiting family in Norman, OK I decided to go out and paint the last sunset of 2008. As I ventured out I came upon a wonderful warm green field, a scene that I normally can’t paint in Colorado in December. So I set up my easel and franticly began to try and capture all the color and splendor that was moving so quickly before my eyes. As I was painting, I started to think about how lucky I am to have an opportunity to be outside painting, doing what I love. And with that in my mind I begin to wonder about all the new and exciting places that 2009 would bring.

Then it hit me, I thought wow, I’m going to do a plein-air painting everyday and this is when the title “PLEIN-AIR 365™” came to me. I thought to myself how many painters have the opportunity or the time to go out everyday no matter what, come wind, snow, rain or shine and paint wherever chance may take them and at the end of the year have 365 new paintings. Wow, I thought how exciting, three hundred and sixty five new plein-air paintings.

This is where I’m inviting you to take a trip with me, a year long journey with no set locations. I’m inviting you to view my web site http//:www.tedgarcia.com each month to see where the journey has taken us. And if all goes well I will post a new painting every day for “A Daily Journey”.

Now, I have an idea for the final destination, and this is where I could use your help. I’m looking for a location i.e. a Gallery or Venue that would like to be part of this journey and who would like to host “PLEIN-AIR 365™ by Ted Garcia” a show of 365 new paintings. Ranging in sizes from 4″x6″ minis to large 24″x36″ pieces. So, if you, or perhaps someone that you may know would like to host this huge and exciting event please let me know, I would love to speak with them or you in more detail. But for now, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey that we’re about to take.

Thank you for your time, and please enjoy.

Ted Garcia

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Lone Tree at Lake Thunderbird
January 1, 2009
Rainy Day in Norman
January 2, 2009
Oklahoma Sunrise
January 3, 2009
Kansas Sunset
January 4, 2009
Elk Meadow Barn
January 6, 2009
Wind and Reeds
January 7, 2009
Remington and Waterfall
January 8, 2009
Last of the Light, First Fall of Snow
January 9, 2009
Ed's Peak
January 10, 2009
January 11, 2009
Moonlight on New Snow
January 12, 2009
Red Rocks
January 14, 2009
Winter Colors
January 14, 2009
Ol' Wagon
January 15, 2009
January 16, 2009
Big Blue
January 17, 2009
Fly Fishing
January 18, 2009
River's Colors
January 19, 2009
Clear Creek Colors
January 21, 2009
Echo Peak
January 23, 2009
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