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May 2009


Welcome to May Plein Air 365.

Well, it’s spring finally – blue skies, afternoon rain and blossoms everywhere. It’s been quite fun to paint all the different colors. This month, I have come to find that I love to paint Lilacs – the forms, the variety of colors and the fragrance, just wonderful.

May has been a great and busy month. I had the opportunity to visit Boulder and paint the Dushanbe Tea House. What an incredible place. If you are ever in the area, you must see the beautifully hand-crafted building. What brought me to Boulder was the chance to do an interview with Roger Wendell of KGNU Radio for a Metro Arts segment. You can hear the interview at KGNU.org. It was my first radio interview, wow! I was so nervous, yet so excited. Thank you Mr. Wendell, it was a pleasure. Here is a link to the interview if you would like to hear it. Ted Garcia KGNU Interview

Another fun place that I had a chance to paint was the Harmony Horseworks. It was part of the Paint, Shoot, Sculpt Plein Air Event. They had some beautiful horses including a Paint and an Appaloosa which are my favorites. I also took a few minutes to sketch the bicycle training thats purpose was to get a horse use to being around a bicycle. Thank you Barbara and her volunteers for being such a wonderful host to all the artists as well as the CAE for organizing the event.

I was also introduced this May to the Iris 4U Garden. This is another place that if you have not yet seen, you must check it out. It is a spectacular garden and a Plein Air artist’s paradise. Bob Van Liere and his family have over 5,000 varieties of Iris breeds and colors. I met a few other artists there and they were as impressed as I was the first time I saw it. I want to say thank you to the Van Lieres for allowing the public as well as us painters to enjoy their garden.

I would also like to say thank to my new sponsor. Mr. Gary Seyfried and Mrs. Claudia Barnes with their kind sponsorship. Plein Air 365 will have it’s first ad in American Art Collector’s July issue that features Plein Air artists from around the nation.

Well, that’s all for now. I could keep going with many more stories to share, but I have to quit sometime! With just about every painting I do, I get to meet new and interesting people and see some wonderful places. This has been the most enjoyable part of Plein Air 365.

See you next month and may love fill your heart and art fill your life.


If you, a individual, company, or charity would like to be a sponsor of Plein Air 365™ by Ted Garcia please contact tg@tlcunlimited.com Thank you.

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