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June 2012

Welcome, my friends, to June’s journey of Plein Air 365™ 2012.


Wow! Can you believe how hot the summer has been? June was a great reminder of what hot weather and dry conditions can bring. After almost a full month of forest fires, it is wonderful to see them come to an end. From a painters perspective though, the June fires brought some wonderful vibrant sunrise and sunset colors.


Along with the heat, June also brought more flowers to my home garden, until the elk found them. For the past few years, I have been creating my own Monet garden so I don’t have to go anywhere to paint flowers. And 2 years ago I was given a great spray that actually prevents the deer and elk from eating them. 2 days after I ran out of spray, the elk noticed, and ate what must have been a delicious buffet. That is one of the downfalls that come with the beauty of mountain living.


Even though June was a rather hot month to paint in, and I spent many of it’s days looking for a cool places along the river. It was well worth dealing with the heat to be able to see and paint some of the wonderful places in Colorado.


Well, now it’s time to move onto July. With warmer temps in the air and the endless supply of amazing things to paint, I look forward to what this year’s summer will offer. I also hope you are having a fantastic summer, full of excitement and adventure! But for now please sit back and enjoy June’s journey.


Best wishes,


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June 23, 2012
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