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February 2012

Hello my friends, and welcome to February’s Journey of Plein Air 365™,


Wow, what a cold month February was, and I think I am now ready for some spring warmth. After spending most of the month either painting in 50-70 mph winds, or temperatures in the single digits, it was nice to see a 28 degree day on occasion. We even had a few days of snow that accumulated to over 3 feet. Now that was fun trying to capture the depth of the snow.


February is always a special month for me because it’s my daughter’s birthday month, and this year she turned 16! So to celebrate, I did a painting of Prague or at least the sign from a local restaurant called Cafe Prague. She has a story about her childhood in Prague. Even though she has never been to Prague, we do get a kick out of the joke. When Cafe Prague opened up in Morrison, CO a year ago or so, it just made the story even better. So I couldn’t resist painting it this year for her birthday.


February also brings a joyful sight for me, the arrival of the red wing black birds at Evergreen lake. I love to watch these little guys. They will sit and almost pose for you. Other times they become quite aggressive and will chase one each another, fighting over a single cattail. It sure makes for an entertaining day of painting.


Well, there is so much more, but I’ll let the paintings tell the rest of the stories. Until next month, be safe, take care, and remember to let love fill your heart and art fill your life.




Ted Garcia

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