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April 2011

Welcome my friend to April’s Journey of Plein Air 365™ 2011,

First, I must apologize for the late monthly letter. May was so busy that I had very little time to do all of the computer and editing things that come with putting the monthly letters and web updates together. I will elaborate a little more in May’s letter. For now let’s get back to April.

April was a fantastic month of painting for me. Filled with every variety of weather conditions that a Plein Air painter could ask for. One day it was snowing with a temperature of 20 degrees, and the next day it was 65 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Then it would rain for a few days and be foggy. Just when you couldn’t take another rainy day the sun would come out. But don’t let that fool you, because as you begin to think, “Ah, what a nice day”, the wind would start to blow, sometimes steady winds of 40-60 mph. Now that makes for some great conditions to struggle through to get a painting done.

I think the best thing for me was all of the flowers that were starting to bloom. It was really nice to paint some natural, bright colors. I also had the chance to spend a few days in Denver painting at the Botanical Gardens as well as many local city park gardens, it was great!

April also brought a chance to paint with guest artist Tony, a young local artist, who was given an assignment to choose an artist that he would like to work with. I felt quite honored that he chose me to spend the day with painting. We went to Upper Bear Creek and painted a nice view of Mt. Evans. It was a pleasure to work with such a young talented painter.

Well that’s about it for April. I hope you enjoy April’s journey as much as I enjoyed painting it. Until next month may love fill your heart and may art fill your life.





If you, a company, or charity would like to be a sponsor of Plein Air 365™ by Ted Garcia, or if you are a gallery that would like to represent or show Ted Garcia Fine Art, please contact tg@tlcunlimited.com Thank you.

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