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June 2014

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Welcome, my friends, to June's journey of Plein Air 365™ 2014!


I can't believe that June is over. What a crazy month of painting it was for me. Trying to paint around family events has always been something that, over the years, can be somewhat difficult to work around. However, it always seems to work out, and June was a great example of that. Besides the usual home and garden work, and trying to paint in between the rain storms, getting both kids ready for their summer travels was quite a thrill!


June also brought in the beginning of the count down to my final painting. With that, I chose to try and paint some of the more iconic places that Colorado is known for, as well as some places that I had not yet painted but have been wanting to paint. I found myself at locations like the Idaho Springs Waterfall, Central City, and even the Denver Botanical Gardens (to paint one of the many wonderful Chihuly sculptures that are on display).


Well, there is so much more that I would love to tell you about, as always, but for now, please sit back and relax, and I hope you enjoy June's journey!


May love fill your heart and art fill your world.


Best Regards,


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